This is the beginning of our mending library; we’ll be highlighting more as the days pass.


Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Art

Celebrating tapestry, embroidery, stitching, textiles, knitting, and knotting as used by visual artists worldwide, Vitamin T is the latest in the celebrated Vitamin series in which leading curators, critics, and art professionals nominate living artists for inclusion.

Out of Fashion | The New Fashion by Birgitta de Vos

“Designer, photographer, artist and author Birgitta de Vos captured her findings in this inspirational journal and retrieved her initial passion for textiles.”

Mark Making in Textile Art by Helen Parrott

Helen shares the ideas, places and techniques that inspire and underpin her textile art. She explores paths to creating her own voice and encourages others to find their own way.


The Common Thread: The Warp and Weft of Thinking

“Threads, materials and patterns are taken for granted as a natural part of our daily life. Around the world, textile ideas and terms inform our language, narratives, stories and myths. Making textiles also stimulates our spatial and mathematical thinking.”

Available at the public library, or through special order at Arcana Books in Culver City!


Nui Project: Edited by Kobo Shobu

This is a fascinating portrayal of stitching done in a sheltered workshop in Japan. My interest in stitching as a meditative and healing process led me to the them. What appeals is the idea of the unpredictable outcome: what if the work is not planned, what if you don’t know where it’s going?


Nui Project 2: Edited by Kobo Shobu

“Every aspect of both mental and physical activity, psychology and action, is designed to support self-expression through the empathy and unconscious collaboration embodied in works produced by individuals working ‘one stitch at a time.’"