Council, Community & Cloth



Ojai Foundation, Ojai CA


Sunday July 16th 2017


Mending as Metaphor with the Possibility Project


Ruth Souza presents: Mending As Metaphor - Finding Community by Slow Stitching in a Fast Paced World


What we’ve accomplished:


A gathering of people coming together to explore the intersection of community mending on many levels and to share and explore stories and memories held in our clothing. To be in the beauty of the council house at The Ojai Foundation enhanced the day.


Joining in was Kim Pearce and Kath Davis of the Possibility Project who shared their views and thoughts on community building and their project in Jaipur with I-India.


There was also a pop up to sell slumwear108 clothing. To read more about the project go to

The Possibility Project is a social enterprise dedicated to disrupting mindsets into creating possibility. Slumwear108 is one way in which we deliver this mindset shift.In collaboration with I-India Jaipur, we create beautiful products out of no-thing and every-thing..