Muse/ique-String Awakening



Jacob Maarse Florists, Pasadena CA


Sunday February 21, 2016


Mending as Metaphor with Jenn Reifsneider and Elise Preiss


MUSE/IQUE was founded in March 2011 in order to bring fresh perspective to live music and multidisciplinary arts.


Notes on a Theme:



String instruments are magic machines born of an ancient mystical technology.  When guided by master hands, these basic devices made of simple parts have the awesome power to change everything. (We could draw some interesting parallels with spinning and weaving.) Along with Jenn and Elise we “performed” the acts of carding, spinning and knitting, all the while the music was playing. This sense of the string connecting everything was born out as we worked together to create yarn and music.

A few inches of string becomes a thread that connects humanity’s every story from Eleanor Rigby to Bach’s Air on a G String.  The handheld box is like a treasure chest that holds our common experiences and emotions – reminding us that we are all alike.  And the bow is like a magic wand, conjuring in the listener a willingness to imagine the world differently. (And as Carol Shaw-Sutton reminded me, string/ rope was the first human tool, “The use of ropes for hunting, pulling, fastening, attaching, carrying, lifting, and climbing dates back to prehistoric times. It is likely that the earliest "ropes" were naturally occurring lengths of plant fibre, such as vines, followed soon by the first attempts at twisting and braiding these strands together to form the first proper ropes in the modern sense of the word. Impressions of cordage found on fired clay provide evidence of string and rope-making technology in Europe dating back 28,000 years.[2] Fossilized fragments of "probably two-ply laid rope of about 7 mm diameter" were found in one of the caves at Lascaux, dating to approximately 15,000 BC.[3] and every culture has made rope/string from what is around them”, another link or connection.)  



With childlike passion for discovery, Rachael Worby and the musicians of MUSE/IQUE will turn from the tuxedo clad safety of the concert hall to unleash the full and delightful fury of the violin, cello , viola, harp, bass and more.

This event will feature wildly well played string favorites from across centuries, including Bach’s Brandenberg Concerto to Mendelssohn’s octet to Piazolla’s tangos.

Rachael Worby and the MUSE/IQUE Chamber Orchestra perform some of the most moving pieces of music in history showing us the true power of strings.

Featuring music by Bach, Barber, Piazzolla, and more!



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Artistic Director Rachael Worby, who serves as the key leader of programs and performance designs