A Year of Mindful Mending


My studio, Los Angeles


multiple dates in 2019


with Textile Arts Los Angeles www.textileartsla.org

In this year long practice organized with Textile Arts Los Angeles, we are exploring mending techniques, approaches to transforming garments, piecing, patching, and slow stitching as we create a sewn book or sampler that can be added to and worked on over the year. 

More notes after the gallery!


We will also be discussing a more thoughtful approach to our consuming and our relationship to our clothes and fashion. Between sessions there will be projects and ways to incorporate the practice of mending into your daily life.

In this time of overwhelm where the environment is facing so many perils, mending what we can and joining in community is truly very healing. 

An approach to seeing the beauty in the repair is to embrace the idea of Kintsugi or “Golden Mending” which celebrates the story of the repair and the visible mend.